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Artist’s Statement:

'I enjoy using a multitude of colors in my art and producing images that are vibrant and full of life. I view each image as a journey for the eye and mind. Every image, idea or concept has a story within its life force and I seek to tell that story in color and line.
I enjoy adding a bit of whimsy and attempt to
create collages of various images and ideas that all relate to a certain concept. My medium is colored markers, watercolors, pencils, paper, and pastels. I also enjoy using oils and acrylics.
My subject is the world around me and my
interpretation of it through various life experiences. I enjoy drawing from photographs, live models,
experiences and my imagination.
Every image, idea or concept has a story within it.'
Rebecca Foust



'I am a native Tulsan and have produced art for many years. I have one year of art instruction at Oklahoma State University under Dale McKinley and other artists. I have attended art workshops, otherwise I am self taught. I have lived and worked in Tulsa most of my life and draw my art work from my experiences and imagination. I have drawn all my life and only in the last five years have I printed my art for sale and have actively pursued selling and showing it.'
Rebecca Foust

Recent shows include:
Oktoberfest (Tulsa OK) 2005 & 2006, Riverfest (Jenks, OK) 2005 & 2006.
My art is for sale at: (appointment only)
Rebecca’s Flowers & Studios:
804D S. 9th St., Broken Arrow,
Oklahoma 74012

  What is a Giclee Print?
A Giclee print is a state-of-the-art reproduction created using tiny nozzles of ink to reproduce the original work of art. The Giclee print process, when effectively executed, results in a print which looks almost identical to the original painting.

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